Lobster Bisque Side Dishes(Salads, Sandwiches, And More)

What To Pair With Lobster Bisque

Lobster bisque is a creamy and decadent French soup that is full of flavor and perfect for a special occasion. The rich and creamy texture of the bisque pairs perfectly with a variety of accompaniments that can help to bring out the flavors of the bisque. 

In this article, we will explore what to pair with lobster bisque to create a delicious and memorable meal. We will look at the best types of Salads, mear sides, and sandwiches that work well with this classic dish. So let’s get started and find the perfect accompaniments for your next lobster bisque dinner!

Main Dish To Serve With Lobster Bisque


1. Pasta

When paired with lobster bisque, pasta makes for a fantastic main course. It’s a nice complement to the bisque’s silkiness and satiety. To satisfy your pasta craving, whip up some linguine with garlic and olive oil or a quick fettuccine Alfredo.

2. Seafood

To go with the rich flavor of lobster bisque, seafood is a natural choice. Scallops cooked in a skillet or salmon cooked on the grill are two examples of seafood that are both delicious and healthy options for a light lunch. Crab filled with crab meat or shrimp cooked in a buttery sauce form a satisfying main course.

3. Rice

Bisque goes wonderfully with rice as a side dish. If you want to keep things simple, try cooking jasmine rice, but if you want to spice things up, try making cilantro lime rice instead.

4. Vegetables

Including vegetables in your dish is a wonderful way to spice things up visually and texturally. Roasted asparagus and Brussels sprouts with garlic and olive oil are a delicious side dish. Also, broccoli and snow peas cooked in a wok with some garlic and ginger make a healthy and delicious stir-fry.

Salads Go Well with Lobster Bisque

Salads Go Well with Lobster Bisque
Salads Go Well with Lobster Bisque

These seven salads are sure to pair perfectly with your lobster bisque. From the smokiness of the grilled vegetables to the sweetness of the fruit, each salad will provide a unique flavor to complete your meal:

1. Arugula and Orange Salad

This simple salad combines the peppery taste of arugula with the sweetness of oranges. Topped with a light vinaigrette, it is sure to pair nicely with bisque. 

2. Grilled Vegetable Salad 

This salad combines a variety of grilled vegetables with a creamy dressing. The smokiness of the grilled vegetables will contrast nicely with the lobster bisque. 

3. Tomato and Basil Salad 

This classic salad pairs the sweet taste of tomatoes with the savory flavor of basil. A light vinaigrette dressing will provide the perfect accompaniment to the lobster bisque. 

4. Spinach Salad 

This salad is full of flavor, combining spinach, bacon, and hard-boiled eggs. It’s a perfect complement to the richness of the lobster bisque. 

5. Cucumber and Onion Salad 

This easy salad takes advantage of the matching flavors of cucumbers and onions. The salad will provide a welcome contrast to the heavy lobster bisque.

6. Caprese Salad 

The flavors of fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, and basil come together in this traditional Italian dish. A flavorful balsamic dressing that is on the lighter side would be the ideal addition to the bisque.

7. Fruit Salad 

It’s fitting to end the meal with this light and refreshing salad. The fruit’s sweetness will provide a great balance to the creaminess of the bisque.

Sandwiches To Serve With Lobster Bisque

Sandwiches To Serve With Lobster Bisque
Sandwiches To Serve With Lobster Bisque

There are a lot of different ways to pair a sandwich with a classic bowl of lobster bisque. Even though the creamy bisque is the main event, the right sandwich can take the meal to the next level and make it a real treat. 

Here are 5 sandwiches we like to eat with a bowl of lobster bisque:

1. Lobster Roll

There is no better way to enjoy a bowl of lobster bisque than with a lobster roll. The sweet lobster meat, crunchy celery, and creamy mayonnaise go together like peanut butter and jelly. Put it over the top by serving it with French fries or potato chips.

2. Grilled Cheese with Bacon and Tomato 

The traditional grilled cheese sandwich has been given a tasty makeover. The salty and juicy combination of bacon and tomato on top of your sandwich is the perfect complement to that bowl of bisque.

3. Croque Monsieur 

This traditional French sandwich goes wonderfully with a steaming bowl of bisque. For a satisfying sandwich, try layering ham and Gruyere cheese between two pieces of toasted bread.

4. BLT 

A BLT is a classic American sandwich that goes perfectly with a creamy bowl of lobster bisque. The combination of the salty bacon, crunchy lettuce, and juicy tomato perfectly complements the creamy bisque. 

5. Crab Cake Sandwich 

A sandwich made of crab cakes is a wonderful way to indulge in seafood delicacies. For a truly luxurious supper, serve your sandwich with a dollop of tartar sauce and a bowl of lobster soup.

Meats To Serve With Lobster Bisque

Meats To Serve With Lobster Bisque
Meats To Serve With Lobster Bisque

Here are 5 of the best meats to serve alongside lobster bisque:

1. Fried Fish

Fried fish is a traditional side dish with lobster bisque because its crisp texture and mild flavor complement the soup’s rich, creamy undertones. To accompany fried fish, you can have roasted potatoes, boiled veggies, or a crisp green salad. The fried fish will add a light, crisp texture to the dinner while also helping to balance out the bisque’s inherent richness.

2. Grilled Chicken 

The mild, smokey flavor of grilled chicken pairs wonderfully with the rich, creamy flavor of lobster soup. Seasonings like fresh herbs, olive oil, and a variety of spices may turn the chicken into a delicious and unexpected nutritious meal. Cooked on a grill, chicken provides a healthy dose of protein and fiber and is a welcome complement to any meal.

3. Salmon

The robust flavor of salmon pairs well with lobster bisque. Salmon can be cooked via grilling, roasting, or pan-frying. It’s offered in anything from simple salads to hefty entrées.

4. Bacon 

The traditional flavor of bacon complements the sophisticated taste of lobster bisque. The soup tastes richer thanks to the bacon’s smokiness. Chopped or crumbled bacon would be a great addition to the soup.

5. Sausage

When combined with lobster bisque, the sausage becomes an even better meal. It enhances the fish flavor of the soup with its own delicious, smoky notes. Crush it up and sprinkle it on top of the soup for an appetizer.

Best Lobster Bisque Toppings

Best Lobster Bisque Toppings
Best Lobster Bisque Toppings

To enhance the flavor of this decadent bisque, there are a variety of toppings that can bring out the best in the soup. Here are some of the best lobster bisque toppings to consider for your next meal:

1. Freshly Grated Parmesan Cheese

Freshly grated Parmesan cheese is a great addition to lobster bisque. The cheese adds a salty and nutty flavor to the soup, as well as a nice texture. Grate the cheese over the top of the soup just before serving.

2. Chives

If you want to spice up your lobster bisque and give it a splash of color, try adding some chopped chives. They sweeten the broth just a touch while remaining mild and oniony. Before serving, sprinkle the soup with some freshly cut chives.

3. Croutons

Crispy croutons are a delicious addition to a bowl of soup. Also, they contribute delicious flavor. You can either bake your croutons or buy them ready-made. When ready to serve, sprinkle it over the soup.

4. Bacon Bits

A smoky flavor can be easily added to the soup by including bacon chunks. They give the dish a satisfying crunch and are a lovely addition. Bacon chunks can be sprinkled atop the soup right before serving.

5. Chopped Lobster

Chopped lobster is a great way to add a bit of protein to the soup. It also adds a nice texture and flavor. 

6. A Dash of Sherry

Lobster bisque’s flavor is greatly enhanced by the addition of a splash of sherry. The sherry makes the soup slightly sweeter. Just before serving, add a splash of sherry.

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