Durkee Six Pepper Blend Recipe

Durkee Six Pepper Blend Recipe

This recipe for Durkee Six Pepper Blend is what we are going to be making today. Things get exciting whenever a herb or fruit is labeled as peppery because we actively seek out the pepper sensation that we are expecting to experience. The rock star of spices is, without a doubt, pepper.

Tone’s and Durkee are the only retailers who carry the commercial version of the well-known mix known as Six Pepper Blend. This recipe for Durkee Six Pepper Blend is excellent for preparing roasts, and many people also use it for preparing a variety of different side dishes.

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Durkee Six Pepper Blend Recipe
Durkee Six Pepper Blend Recipe

Which Peppers Should I Use For Durkee Six Pepper Blend Recipe?

The ground peppers are the star of the show in this recipe for Durkee Six Pepper Blend. This recipe calls for just about any type of pepper you can ground.

You may use fresh peppers in this blend, but you’ll need to pay attention to which peppers go best with others. If you want to go all out, make sure the peppers you choose work well together. You’ve hit the jackpot if you’re a fan of the classics. We use a six-pepper combination for most of them.

The primary peppers in this Durkee Six Pepper Blend Recipe are black peppercorns, white peppercorns, allspice, paprika, and cayenne.

Ingredients That You’ll Need:

  • Black Peppercorn: Black peppercorn that has been ground is best for this, but for the most flavorful results, you should grind your own black peppercorns at home.
  • White Peppercorn: The same logic applies when combining white and black peppercorns. Grind your white peppercorns freshly.
  • Paprika: It is possible to buy pre-packaged paprika in the supermarket. Use the smoked paprika to amp up the taste, too!
  • Cayenne: Take advantage of the convenience of bottled cayenne pepper by using it in your cooking!
  • Allspice: Because old allspice in the bottle might get stale, it’s necessary to use fresh allspice.
  • Chili Powder: This is where you may try out your own pepper. Choose your fresh pepper and dry it in the sun before blending it. You don’t have to use fresh pepper; bottled chili powder would suffice.

What Is The Best Method For Drying Peppers?

The sun is truly the greatest way to dry peppers, especially if you live in a tropical or warm region, therefore that’s what you should do if you can. There is no need to worry about the moisture content of the peppers because they will dry out uniformly.

You may dry your peppers using a dehydrator or the oven at a low temperature and a gradual heat setting if you live in an area where it does not often become extremely hot or if you live in an area that is very cold.

How To Make Durkee Six Pepper Blend

  • Grind the black and white peppercorns together in a mortar and pestle.
  • Once the rinding is complete, slowly incorporate the allspice, cayenne, chili powder, and paprika.
  • Grind for 1 minute more before storing your Durkee Six Pepper Blend in an airtight container.
Durkee Six Pepper Blend Recipe
Durkee Six Pepper Blend Recipe

What Goes Well With Durkee Six Pepper Blend?

The Durkee Six Pepper Blend Recipe is ideal for sprinkling overroasts. Prime rib, pork tenderloin, and ribs all benefit from the use of this spice. The spicy rub adheres well to the chicken’s skin when it’s roasted.

Salad dressings and side dishes can benefit from the additional flavor and heat provided by Durkee Six Pepper Blend.

How Do You Store Durkee Six Pepper Blend?

Durkee Six Pepper Blend can be stored in a spice storage jar for up to 1 year. You may also prepare a larger batch and store it in a larger airtight container (simply double or treble the measurements below).

How Long Does Durkee Six Pepper Blend Last?

It is possible to keep your Durkee Six Pepper Blend Recipe spice mix for up to a year if all of the ingredients can be kept relatively fresh and the mixture is stored in an airtight container.

Recipe Tips

  • If you want your Durkee Six Pepper Blend to have a bit more kick to it, try adding one teaspoon of chili powder to the mixture and stirring it up. You might also use one of these other powders in place of the chili powder.
  • Change the white pepper for Aleppo pepper if you want the finished product to have a more robust earthiness. You might also try substituting one of these other peppers for the Aleppo pepper.
Durkee Six Pepper Blend Recipe
Durkee Six Pepper Blend Recipe

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