Alton Brown Microwave Popcorn

Alton Brown Microwave Popcorn

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to make delicious popcorn, look no further than the microwave! Alton Brown’s microwave popcorn is a classic and simple recipe that will have you enjoying your favorite snack in no time. With just a few ingredients and a few minutes, you can have a delicious bowl of popcorn ready to munch on.

This recipe is great for movie nights, snacks, or anytime you’re craving a salty treat. So pop some kernels, add your favorite seasonings, and get ready to enjoy the perfect snack!

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Why You’ll Love This Alton Brown Microwave Popcorn

  • Quick and Easy: Making popcorn in the microwave with Alton Brown’s recipe is incredibly fast and easy. All you need is popcorn kernels, a brown paper bag, and a microwave.
  • Delicious Flavor: Alton Brown’s recipe calls for butter, salt, and sugar, which adds a great flavor to your popcorn.
  • Healthier Option: Making popcorn in the microwave is far healthier than making it with oil, as you don’t have to use any unhealthy fats or oils.
  • No Mess: With Alton Brown’s recipe, there is no mess to clean up after making your popcorn. All you need to do is discard the paper bag and you’re done.
  • Cost-Effective: Making popcorn in the microwave is much more cost-effective than buying pre-packaged microwave popcorn.
  • Versatility: You can add whatever seasoning you want to your popcorn to make it as unique and flavorful as you’d like.

What Is Microwave Popcorn?

Microwave popcorn is a type of popcorn that is specifically designed to be made in a microwave oven. It typically comes in a specially designed bag that contains the popcorn kernels and oil or butter. The bag is made of a special material that allows the popcorn to pop inside the bag while it is being heated in the microwave.

To make microwave popcorn, you simply place the bag in the microwave and heat it for the recommended time on the packaging. The popcorn will pop inside the bag, and when it is done, you can open the bag and enjoy the popcorn.

Microwave popcorn is a convenient and easy way to make popcorn at home, and it eliminates the need for a stovetop popper or a pot with oil. It’s also a good alternative for people who don’t want to use oil or butter to make popcorn.

Alton Brown Microwave Popcorn
Alton Brown Microwave Popcorn

Alton Brown Microwave Popcorn Ingredients

  • Popcorn kernels
  • Oil or butter (optional)

How To Make Alton Brown Microwave Popcorn

  1. Place the popcorn kernels in a microwave-safe bowl or a brown paper bag.
  2. Add oil or butter (if desired) and stir to coat the kernels evenly.
  3. Fold the top of the paper bag or cover the bowl with a microwave-safe lid or plate.
  4. Place the bowl or bag in the microwave and set the power to high.
  5. Cook for 2-4 minutes or until the popping slows down.
  6. Carefully remove the bowl or bag from the microwave, being mindful of the hot steam, and enjoy your homemade popcorn!

Note: Always check the package instructions for the specific cooking time and power level as it can vary by brand and by the wattage of your microwave.

Alton Brown Microwave Popcorn
Alton Brown Microwave Popcorn

Recipe Tips

Here are a few tips to help you make the perfect microwave popcorn:

  • Use the right amount of kernels: Start with a 1/4 cup of popcorn kernels for a standard-size bag, or adjust the amount of kernels to the size of your microwave-safe container.
  • Experiment with power levels: Different microwaves have different power levels, so you may need to experiment with the cooking time to get the popcorn to pop just right.
  • Be careful when removing the bag: The bag will be hot and the steam inside can burn you, so be sure to use oven mitts or tongs to remove it from the microwave.
  • Add your own seasonings: You can add your own seasonings like salt, black pepper, Parmesan cheese, or herbs to the popcorn after it’s done popping.
  • Don’t overpop: Keep a close eye on your popcorn while it’s cooking, and stop the microwave as soon as the popping slows down. Overpopped popcorn can be burnt and uneatable.
  • Shake the bag: Once the popcorn is done popping, shake the bag gently to distribute any unpopped kernels to the bottom of the bag.
  • Store it properly: If you have leftovers, allow the popcorn to cool down and store it in an airtight container to maintain its freshness.
Alton Brown Microwave Popcorn
Alton Brown Microwave Popcorn

What To Serve With Microwave Popcorn?

The versatility of Microwave Popcorns allows them to be served in a variety of contexts, including as an appetizer, a side dish, or a snack. They can be accompanied by a wide selection of dipping sauces, including sour cream, ranch dressing, ketchup, cheddar sauce, or mustard. In addition, you can serve them alongside a salad or a main course such as grilled chicken, steak, or fish. You might also offer roasted vegetables, greens that have been sautéed, or a side of pasta together with the Microwave Popcorn. These are some examples of possible side dishes.

How To Store Microwave Popcorn?

To store in the refrigerator:

After the frying process, the Microwave Popcorn should be allowed to cool to room temperature.
They can be kept fresh in the refrigerator for up to four days if they are sealed in an airtight container or a plastic bag that can be resealed.
To store in the freezer:

After the frying process, the Microwave Popcorn should be allowed to cool to room temperature.
Put them in a single layer on a baking sheet that has been lined with parchment paper, and then place the baking sheet in the freezer for one hour, or until they are completely frozen.
Once the Microwave Popcorn has been frozen, you can store it in the freezer for up to two months in a resealable plastic bag or airtight container, depending on which you choose.

How To Reheat Microwave Popcorn?

  • To reheat in the oven:

Turn the oven up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
Put the popcorn made in the microwave on a baking sheet that has been lined with parchment paper.
Bake for five to ten minutes, or until it has reached the desired temperature.

  • To reheat in a toaster oven:
  • Toaster oven temperature should be set to 350 degrees F.
    Put the popcorn made in the microwave on a baking sheet that has been lined with parchment paper.
    Bake for ten to twelve minutes, or until it has reached the desired temperature.

    • To reheat in an air fryer:

    Preheat the air fryer to a temperature of 350 degrees.
    Put the popcorn made in the microwave into the basket of the air fryer.
    Fry for about 9 minutes, or until it has reached the desired temperature.

    FAQ Section

    How do I know when Microwave Popcorn is done?

    When the popping slows down to a few seconds between pops, your microwave popcorn is done. Depending on the wattage of your microwave, this can take anywhere from 2-4 minutes.

    Can I make Microwave Popcorn ahead of time?

    Yes, popcorn cooked in a microwave can be prepared ahead of time. However, in order to keep the popcorn fresh over a longer period of time, it is essential to store it in a container or bag that is airtight.

    Is microwaveable popcorn healthy?

    In recent years, chemicals that have been linked to cancer and a condition known as “popcorn lung” have been eliminated from microwave popcorn. Consuming microwave popcorn on an occasional basis should not put your health in jeopardy, despite the fact that the product packaging may include chemicals whose safety is uncertain.

    Can I use any bowl to microwave popcorn?

    Use a bowl that can go in the microwave and is large enough to hold all of the popped kernels. One quarter cup of kernels produces approximately six cups of popped popcorn. If you choose to use a bowl made of glass, make sure it is tempered glass so that it can withstand the intense heat. This recipe requires a microwave food cover that has ventilation built into it.

    What type of bowl should you not put in the microwave?

    Surfaces made of metal reflect microwaves, which causes the temperature within the device to rise, which raises the risk of a fire. If you are keeping your leftovers in a container made of metal, you will need to remove the meal and put it in a container that can be heated in the microwave.

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    Alton Brown Microwave Popcorn Nutrition Fact

    • Calories: 130
    • Total Fat: 3.5g
    • Saturated Fat: 0.5g
    • Trans Fat: 0g
    • Cholesterol: 0mg
    • Sodium: 0mg
    • Total Carbohydrate: 23g
    • Dietary Fiber: 3g
    • Sugars: 0g
    • Protein: 3g
    • Vitamin A: 0%
    • Vitamin C: 0%
    • Calcium: 0%
    • Iron: 4%


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